Friday, 15 March 2013

Week 16. Donna C. "Chickens" Harmon

Week 16.  Friday, March 8, 2013.

This week the search is on for Donna C. “Chickens” Harmon so named because her local cover involves raising exotic chickens.  Her murky past seems to have involved much international travel (most likely for nefarious purposes) before settling in rural Tennessee somewhere near the Smoky Mountains. 

One could speculate she has retired from a life of crime EXCEPT … she was seen in the company of “Quickdraw” Jurick and the Hilton Head felons six months ago.  Before that she appeared to be happy capturing chickens and flowers but has since taken to shooting people and immortalizing them in oil.  In fact, she invites viewers “to step into the paintings and imagine that he or she is there”.  (This is very similar to what the spider said to the fly.)  “Chickens” admits to being fascinated with people and beginning to incorporate them into her work.  One shudders to speculate what this really entails.  She must be apprehended before more damage is done so your send your mugs asap!

Artist: Wanda Rottenfusser

Artist: Kathleen Coy

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