Saturday, 23 February 2013

Week 13 - Sue "Doc" Church Grant

Week 13. Friday, February 15, 2013

Egad!  We have word that another of the notorious Hilton Head felons has a Canadian connection, eh!  Sue “Doc” Church Grant claims to have a Canadian birth certificate but an American passport.  One is immediately suspicious since Canadian passports are highly coveted by international bad guys.  It appears her felonious activities are rooted much closer to home. 

“Doc”, not unlike one of her fellow felons, has infiltrated the medical profession to get closer to her prey.  By her own admission, she enjoys capturing children.  We speculate she pokes and prods them and engages them in conversation.  She also immortalizes them in paint and we know she has displayed them in CAPE FEAR.  This is truly shocking! 

Although “Doc” claims to have left the more heinous aspects of this practice behind we know she continues to capture victims in both oil and water.  She also exhibits with the Back Porch Painters.  Does this mean she has moved on to more senior victims?  Or are puppy and his rabbit sisters in mortal danger?  We can only watch and wait.

Artist: Wanda Rottenfusser

Artist: Maria Bennett Hock

Artist: Kathleen Coy

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