Friday, 30 November 2012

Week 3 - Kim "The Scoop" Rosser

Week 3, Friday, Nov. 23 - Black Friday and word of a sinister crime had come to my attention.  Kim "The Scoop" Rosser was seen at the infamous Gelati Celesti in Richmond, Va. stuffing children with (gasp) homemade pumpkin gingersnap ice cream.  These children were already stuffed with turkey making this even more evil.  She has also been know to depict family members as chickens and been observed ruthlessly cropping the faces of associates before embalming them in paint.  She must be stopped.  The likenesses below need to be distributed widely to warn people of the perils of the ice cream parlor.

Artist: Maria Bennett Hock

Artist: Kathleen Coy

Artist: Wanda Rottenfusser
Artist: Lydia Jechorek

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