Saturday, 13 April 2013

Week 20 - Maria "The Enforcer" Bennett Hock

Just finished doing an internet search on Maria “The Enforcer” Bennett Hock and I am exhausted.  It appears this woman has done everything leading me to believe this is an extremely deep cover for a seriously nefarious felon.  She has stated “my days are filled with conceptualizing, defining and realizing concepts”.  This sounds more like a ringleader than an enforcer.

We know she spearheaded the original mug challenge of the 2011 Hilton Head Gang and instigated a similar exercise among the 2012 Hilton Head felons.  She is a member of the splinter group Hilton Head Four, The Sisterhood of the Travelling Paintbrush, and numerous art societies and organizations.  She often participates in challenges (30 in 30, 6 at 60, etc.) and workshops in North America and Europe.  She has published at least 2 books and has been heard on several episodes of blog talk radio.  We suspect that it is during these activities that she exchanges information with other felons, learning and developing more refined techniques for creating havoc. 

“The Enforcer” can often be seen skulking in art galleries dressed like a private eye (as camouflage this is not terribly successful), in the streets or on the beaches – shooting apparatus at the ready.  She is armed and dangerous and we believe her goal is to immortalize the world “in portraits that convey emotion”.  Please help put this woman in bars where she belongs [sorry, that should read behind bars].

Artist: Wanda Rottenfusser

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